Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I gotta say, I felt like I was Rockin' wearing my alpaca version of the Modern Quilt Wrap to the Cleveland Museum of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! I did get my honey a yo-yo, hat and Tommy shirt! Did I tell you my hubby and I have a past time....pinball machines? Well, I play a little, but prefer to knit and watch him!

Stash news, did I mention I have been collecting a nice assortment of Rowan, Kid Haze. I am inspired by the Modern Quilt Wrap and Kaffe Fasset's Earth Stripe Wrap. I am just going to have to keep it under wraps....hehe....but, I did get some gooooood stash from darling daughter, Sarah! Orange Kidsilk! How's she know I didn't have that color? Well, it's suppose to go into a scribbly scarf (inclued in the pack was Debbie Bliss Soho)? Not! I will just have to design something of my own with my growing Kidsilk Haze stach! Sarah also included som Kid Seta by Madril and some yummy Angora Extra by Knitting Fever. The girl has taste and it's wonderfully complimentary to ole' mom's!

And I just finished a three month project that I too am keeping under wraps, but it was like knitting nine pairs of socks and my hubby kept saying to me, are you weaving socks together?!!!!!

I was working on the Alien Scarf from Debbie Stoller's stitch'n bitch for my son, Josh. I took it on my trip with every intention of finishing it and giving to to him. I am knitting with Lion Brand Cashmere Blend and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Lovely mix, so very soft! Well, I forgot my book.....But in the mean time, I had visions that I had left it on a plane! Ugh, I searched everywhere, over and over again, until last nite, I found it cozily tucked away into it's rightful spot on my knitting book shelf! Phew, the anxiety, tenseness, is gone and I started working on it right away this morning!
Talking about Debbie Stoller, so my daughter gets me a copy of Debbie's new book, Son of stitch'n bitch . This book is fantastic! I love it all! Debbie really covers men's knits here from classic to kitchy to fab and fad!

Then, I get a phone call last Saturday. Darling son in law, Timothy, desperatly need the Lucha Libre mask. He is suddenly working in some adverse weather conditions freezing his face and wants it in Chicago Bears with the "C" or "Bears" or a "Bear." Well, Saturday and Sunday completed this project. Intarsia(for the front) and duplicate(for the back) stitches adorn this puppy! Darling husband was torn from his work to model! It was mailed Monday, so he should receive it today?

I was surprised how my embroidery skills have held up after all these years. I remember embellishing store bought sweaters for my daughter with unicorns and such! I can't believe she now 30. Where have the years flown? Blink and I seem to miss them nowadays!

So, this bottom stash has delightfully come from Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania and Pekin, Illinois.
At Knit One, I purchased some Jitterbug by Colinette, in Monet color. Knit one is a fabulous shop. It has everything and then some! Like a funky little beading station! At Natural Stitches, I purchases some Malabrigo Lace, in Verde 203, some roving by Mauch Chunky(green) roving and Periwinkle Fleece by Harrisville Designs - the spinning stuff is for my friend Tamara! Then on to Pekin, my hometown. Earthly Goods is run by and old acquaitence of mine, Corrie Bennet. Her hubby is the son of one of my mother's best friends, Betty Bennet. I have fond memories of Betty, she was like an aunt. Her son married Corrie. Plus her son and my father were heavily involved in Hockey, being coaches and referees. It was so cool to see Betty! Well, Corrie's little health food shop has found a new niche, knitting! I got to go to a Warm up America sit and stitch and see what's up. She has a small but impressive line of Plymouth Yarn. You have to realize people this isn't big ole' Denver (Yarn Mecca, as I call it!) No, this is little ole, po dunk, blue collar, central Illinois, home of the big, fat, Cat Rats (as I call them - Caterpillar World Hdqtrs.) and home to several plant and thousands of plant workers. You know when it's payday there!!! So, I purchased some Sockotta in a lovely Fair Isle colorway and some Plymouth Outback Wool(I wished I would have bought two of these for another great hat and scarf! For coming to the sit and knit we were told to pick out any donated yarn, well, looky here, there are knitters and fabulous ones from my home! I scarfed up some Wildefoot by Brown Sheep Company, Inc. and some Forissima Cotton(I didn't realize it was cotton, darn, not crazy for sock cotton) by Schoeller in such a lovely blue! I will have to next show you some great sit'n knits while vacationing!

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