Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pittsburgh is a beautiful place

I have been having fond, pictureque memories of my trip to Pittsburg. On the way to the Andy Warhol Museum I got this shot of the Hienz 57 ketchup factory! I can just visualize what Andy would do with this photo! Well, I just had to do it to it, didn't I?

The Andy Warhol Museum seemed alive with the Ron Mueck exhibit. I wear it was so eerie, I thought that huge baby was gonna take a big ole breath and start crying any second! All of his works were this way. It was truly like being in the land of giants. I was reminded of David the past few days reading and listening about fear. It is a great thing to know who we are in Christ and that if Christ if for us, who can be against us!!!! I got Dan (my husband) what I thought was a yo-yo and on closer inspection after son and I got home, well, it was a magnet! I love adding to his yo-yo collection.

After visiting the Andy Warhol Museum, my son, Joshua and I
took a stroll a block down to the riverfront. We caught the city coming to life at dusk! It was breathtaking, the park was nicely filled with art. And, right down the riverfront are the Pirates' and Steelers' Stadiums.

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