Sunday, January 06, 2008

Meet the Teachers

Yesterday was "Meet the Teachers" at my local Joann Fabrics where I teach a bunch of classes. I teach Donna Dewberry classes, Three levels of learning to quilt, reupholstery, Old English Smocking, SOCKS, and Sculpty projects. During this current sale all classes are 25% off!

I have been on a painting streak. Tulips for the High Definition class(Donna Dewberry), tiny 4'x4' beach scenes for my son, roses and lily of the valley (birthday flowers for my sis and her hubby).

Enough, already! Yep, I sure am more of a visual person than a talker. Talking kinda wears me out! See, I was told to shut up while growing up, so I became the big observer. When I do say something, I do come on bold and significant. I love it when people qualify what I am saying so they truly understand where I am coming from and what I mean when I say it. Interpreting what others say is not necessarily what we think they are saying, so it's always good to ask! I dislike being misinterpreted....dangerous gossip!


Bykes43 said...

You STILL have got it!
You should use it MORE often! -Josh

Sam said...

The Meet the Teachers event looks like it was a lot of fun!