Saturday, March 29, 2008

I love raspberries and Elizabeth Zimmerman

I remember this jacket being made when I was in high school and if I could write and ode to Elizabeth it would rhyme with all the great mathmeticians of all time, new, old, diversity says it all. I remember wanting one in oatmeal and green. Now it seems what's old is new again and oh so classic. Gotta thank Meg for keeping EZ well and alive in the hearts and hands of many.
I picked out some silky wool for grandchild to be. I will be doing the old shale pattern. My mom made one for my first child, Josh, but my daughter favored it, so I am doing a copy, ode to Mom!

Thanks secret sister for my lovely Easter basket, I ate all the candy while working on these tombstones! Yeah, our church is putting to death some deadly emotions!!! It's a blessing to be blessed!

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Sam said...

So very true. EZ is quite the superstar. I splurged on some of her books today, and the baby surprise is high on the list of projects I'd like to try. Yours is beautiful!