Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Takin' care of business

Yes I have been very busy since I last blogged. I am sorry for the long quietness. I have been very involved with things at home and church.
Hubby purchased new kitchen appliances, so I am refinishing my dark oak cabinets into something lighter and brighter. I am staining the gorgeous golden oak with transparent white stain. You can see the difference between the top and bottom cabinets.
I finished the bill on Tamara's homespun, crocheted hat to get the rest of the ball from her!
Shellie(Coppelia's) got in some of the most fabulous Madeline Tosh sock yarns to dye for, I swear they are the same stuff of Koigu KPPPM and Colinette Jitterbug! I got the coral and had Shellie order more for my new baby project.
Did I mention I am going to be a grandma again? My daughter is into her second trimester with blood tests and all coming out clear and okay for baby! Baby has strong heartbeat daughter is starting to "show" a little. Guess nowadays it's called baby bump, I remember "the bump" being a dance. I always thought "show" was kinda like a thing for county fairs, show your goods, animals and such for ribbons. I am just so excited for my daughter....she's been through the loss of twins and another so early last year. It was good to see her in January and I kept asking her if she was pregnant, but she wasn't sure. When she went a few weeks later she found she was already three months along! Now in a few weeks she will see if it's a boy or girl and then, some knitting and sewing will begin.
I went to a non-kosher passover seder presented by JFC's women's Life Ministries. I was a table hostess and we all shared a time of wonder at learning so much about the passover seder. It was very reflective for me to make a centerpiece and to think of spring and the time of renewal.
I noticed my bulbs are starting to show and the fat roboins are back munching on seed and checking out my bird bath. This pic is from last year. I actually got some cool videos of the robins I will have to post on my YouTube.

I have been busy teaching quilting, painting (acrylic HD, watercolors, one stroke) reupholstery. I am now doing "fix it clinics" on Monday's from 3pm to 8pm for Shellie at Coppelia's Needlepoint and Shivering Sheep. It's really fun and a helpful time. If you are stuck on something or have made a mistake, come in and let me help you. If it's a mistake we will find options/solutions for handling. I love making things right or being able to take some mistakes and making them just disappear!
I am working on the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. It happens to be the most popular baby item to make on Ravelry! Last I checked, 2199 persons were knitting this classic fav! I looked at all of them 165 pages worth! Yeah, I have been busy! I remember them from the 60's, not so cute in just plain ole' pale yellow acylic! Now we have the joy of so many fine yarns to choose from. I started one with assorted sock yarns of Colinette, Lime n' Violet and Koigu and Madelinetosh but I didn't like it. I found using size US4 needles, my gauge was too big and then I found a nice chart for sizing.
I cannot say enough about Madelinetosh sock yarn. It's a dream and same quality of Koigu and Colinette Jitterbug! Her colors are warm, vibrant and appealing. The hippity-hop color would make a darling Easter EZ BSJ for 0-3 months! I have so fallen in love wiht EZ again!
Last month I went to the Denver Creative Festival and started a new art - Kumihimo - using ribbon yarn, yep, I am crazy for it! I have a friends who make really cool beads dichroic and lampwork. I will have to give them a visit to find/design something to hang from these beaded braids!
I finished a basic formula sock with the cute Sockotta I purchased at Earthly Goods in Pekin, Illinois(my hometown). I mailed off the cutest scribble type scarf made from a kit my daughter got me for Christmas. I made it for a girlfriend, Debbie, I met my first day of jr. high. She sat in front of me in homeroom. We were friendly and talkative back then. I am excited for her getting to come out and visit me at the end of April along with another friend, Carol, I met the year before. My biggest memory of Carol was riding bikes to school while singing Beach Boy songs and sadly to say, JFK's assasination and being sent home from school that day!
Last week was very insightful at/for JFC. I primed and prepared 45 canvas for five worship sevices. I set the palette using old master colors and taught a group of young artist how to paint the creative portion of the service presentation. I painted with two others(six total - three for each campus) at our Highland's Ranch Campus. It was exhilatrating and humbling. The sermon was "Wounds" and shiukd be up soon on JFC website!

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Deneen said...

It's so nice you posted (I think of you daily when I look at the picture you sent hanging in my LR-right across from "my" chair).

I adore the Kumihimo-I "googled" it and am fascinated and hope you share some more of your art. You will have to share some links.

You are so busy, as usual. Congrats on being a grandma again-have a great holiday!