Friday, May 16, 2008

Lasers and coverups

I really love this google avatar in celebrations of the creation of the laser. What do you think about this dude in yellow crochet? It must have been some clearance sale on this yellow/white varigated yarn. Hmmm, I wonder if it is acrylic....And gosh, I guess you could say this blue concoction is, well, well covered?

June 23, 2008 the lovely Nicky Epstein is coming to Coppelia's in Denver's North Cherry Creek District. A day of breakfast, lunch and learning fun embellishments for your knitting. I have enjoyed working on Monday's for Shellie. I do a fix it and get your sock on clinic. I am there from 3pm to 8pm if anyone is in need of help, c'mon down to Cherry Creek.

Last month, alot of knitters got to see and hear Stephanie Pearl-McGee at Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover. It was sweet. I had yet another camera stolen(at a Rockies game, ugh) and all of the Yarn Harlot pics, plus many more to numerous to mention and heart wrenching for me.

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