Tuesday, June 17, 2008

madelinetosh, Nicky Epstein, Estes Wool Market

Today, Nicky Epstein is coming to town and I will be sure to learn from her.I am excited to say the least! I have been knitting flowers all week. Nicky's cabbage roses, ruffle roses, blossom, basic flower, passion flower belt, have been on the needles. I will have to post some pics, soon, I hope.

Amy of madelinetosh was in the shop, and her trunk show was spectacular. I purchased some Afternoon to go with the Coral, it's going to be a nursing shawl for my daughter, due in August. The coral will be the middle and the Afternoon will be the edging, both are merino superwash sock yarn. The pattern is EZ's Pi shawl and putting my birthday flower, larkspur, my daughter's b-day flower, gladiolus, and the baby's, gladiolus, too. I hope to have it finished by July 19, the day before my birthday. I will be in Illinois for the baby shower. I will also go there for the birthing. the baby is supposed to be a girl, her name will be Riley Jean(I hope I have the spelling right!

I gotta say, Amy is a very lovely and composed business person. I had a lot of questions and she answered them so kindly and warm-heartedly. She is a very knowledgable and generous person. The experience with Amy and to get to know the person behind the product and about it's price, placement and promotion was very pleasant.

I went to the Estes Wool Market and found some great yarns and roving for felting. I spent alot of time in the goat tent this year! I cannot wait to paint the goats I captured digitally. I will again, have to post some pics of new stash.

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