Saturday, July 19, 2008

In Illinois

Chicago in it's summer splendor. My first visit to Millenium Park. Beautiful flowers, the Cloud Gate better known as "the bean" by Chicagoans. This artist was doing a cool thing, all set up in a tight frame. Pen and ink, one of my fave mediums. Wonder if he'll wash it with water colors. Risky business asking others to take a pic, so the top of the bean was cut off, but Sarah, Nicky and I look good! I saw pics of the sonogram and the baby is lovely. We all love the name, Lily Grace. Timothy, my loving son-in-law came up with Lily and Sarah with Grace. I love, love, love this. Last of all, the fountain. The digitalized lady in the fountain at times spews water from her mouth. We waited, but could not get the pic, we were hungry and went a block away and got the best rib appetizer plate! Yum.

I am making a nursing shawl and baby blanket. The shawl is in coral and afternoon (looks alot like home) by madelinetosh. Well here's a pic of them in nice yummy cakes. I am doing EZ's pi shawl. The first pattern I have placed my own design of twelve larkspurs. The second and third design will be gladiolas. These flowers are my birthday and my daughter's and her baby's birthday flowers.
I had a short stint as a bra fitter for a nursing retail store and learned more about nursing from the lactation counselors. I think the color I chose is very nice and a stimulating color for hunger. I love to think these things out.

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