Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ashley Thorpe rocks when it comes to golf. She's my step niece, my brother Tracy's girl. I have fond memories of meeting her in her back yard with my brother teaching her how to swing a golf club. She was four years old and I thought she looked just like Madeline(or the child actress). Now she's in college on a full ride scholarship thanks to my sweet brother teaching her golf. This past week she took the Ladies' River Cup in central Illinois. I am sure when she goes back to school in the next few weeks, her coach, Stan Mitchell may be as thrilled as I am. The week before she took second and brought a lovely crystal trophy to my birthday party! This was a nice family get together and I tried to tease her when she showed the trophy to me. I asked her if it was my birthday present! "No way, this is mine!" she abruptly said. I told her it was a present that she had won. Well, she went back from the Tri-County Women's Cup to the Ladies' River Cup beat the girl that had beat her the at the Tri Cup! Nice comeback, Ashley! She's a sohpomore on the golf team at Waco, Texas' McClennan Community College(she's the second from the left in both photos) and the pic above was in the Peoria Journal Star!

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