Thursday, July 03, 2008

NSAA Story Corp, A Big Tree, Hero,GRANDBABY

Since getting on the website with the National Scholastic Art Awards, NSAA a few months ago, I was recently invited to do an interview. I asked how it would go and this is the response I received: So just in case you haven't already been told, the StoryCorps interview works like this: you and another person (anyone you like- friend, family, coworker, etc.) can schedule a time that works for you to come into our MobileBooth in Colorado. You can talk about whatever you like for 40 minutes, and StoryCorps records the interview. Afterwards, we give you a copy of the session and, with your permission, we archive the other in the Library of Congress. We also have a show on NPR that broadcasts a very small number of these interviews (again with participant permission). If you don't have a partner for the interview, one of the StoryCorps facilitators will interview you.
Let me know if you have any questions at all, or if you would like to schedule an interview time for Colorado. Thanks Terri.

Alrighty then, I am praying about this and hoping it will go well. My son, Josh, has been encouraging me and that's nice. I have been so hyped by it all. I think I told some of my friends it would be archived at the Smithsonian. It's been dizzy for me, but then, I am pretty dizzy anyway, at least I admit it. I really need alot of pinching lately, reality check, check up from the neck up, most of all, my creativity level is high and output is proliferic and I am having so much fun! God is so good! The pic is an old one, 1990, I think. I am painting on silk.
On the serious side, my other son, Matt, is a true hero. A very large tree in his yard came down on his 5th wheel and through his neighbors roof. His two nephews and niece were inside and he had to break the window on the door and pry it open to get to them. Praise God they were safe and not injured, but it was a hard go to get one of them out from under it. The firemen could not figure how Matt did it! I told him it was adrenaline and he is a big boy. He did cut his hand, but he is fine and the children are also. Please pray for them that they may heal from the shock of this and everything will work out between the insurance companies. Matt is the one on the right of the hunting picture with his brother-in-law, father of the nephews and niece in the accident.
I am getting ready to fly to Chicago on Saturday, July 12, to meet my precious daughter, Sarah. Sarah and her best friend of 25 years, Nicky, will be picking me up and we'll be staying at Toni's(another best friend of Sarah's) We plan on taking in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Loopy Yarns, the Cloud Gate (better known as the bean). who knows what well really end up doing, but with my daughter, it will be lots of fun, oh, but wait she will almost be eight month pregnant, so, it may be easy going, which is cool with me, since it will probaby be hot and humid in the windy city. Here's some pics of when she was a new born. I will return to Colorado for a few weeks and then hubby and I will go together for the birthing. Daughter has been telling me, she doesn't get what the big deal, she's not about to do it again. But, wait, now she's all excited because she's almost done decorating the baby's room. The earliest sonogram revealed girl, but, you never know....I cannot wait to welcome this new life into ours.

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