Friday, October 31, 2008

Scary Stuff(my face hurts, I bet it's killing you!

Before surgery, after surgery, gosh, I'd never thunk that there could be such thing as a nose cast. Carefully place stints on the inside staples through the outside, yeah, I just couldn't think about that being on for a full week and not being able to do anything except watch . three full seasons of Project Runway, Tabitha's Salon Takeover(I really liked this) The Rachel Zoe Project(talk about a diva, phew) Top Design(I really wondered about the lack of talent here).
Then over on Discovery, there's Jon & Kate Plus 8, oh my, no time for knitting on here, ugh, but so cute and organized, I am just waiting for her to pull out her knittin' needle and make 'em all something matching or how about some of those fruity type hats for all!!!!
I couldn't belive how swollen my face got and sore! The first few days were worse, My left eye was practically swollen shut. I thought I looked worse than any of the "Rocky" movies. I kinda wanted to cry, but I knew that could easily make things worse. I have shed a tear or two and that was scary. When I went to be released to finally go home, hubby and I heard some scary warnings. Like, do not hang around crowds or babies; be very careful about everything you do; do not do any heavy lifting; all these things for a year? So, oh man, I am really having to hold myself back on this. I did learn between services at church, it's not a good idea to hang out at our Starbuck's in the lobby. The first time I did, there were kids coming up with balls on elastic strings(like the old fashioned paddleballs minus the paddle). Well, I got out of there very fast. Plus, what's up with people wanting to touch my head? I can't hardly stand to touch, wash, or shower it!
Okay, I will be a hermit for a year, but you will see me shopping LYS's this year. I have been hanging heavily at String, in Highlands Ranch. It has new management and has been lots of fun. I even work there on Friday's doing knitting help and then a few classes.
I promise the next post will be more fun and how far I have come since September.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!! Scary stuff indeed! You poor thing... You really do a good job when you do something, don't you!? I hope the healing is FAST!

Tam said...

I wouldn't have reconized you if I had seen you on the street. You are really starting to look like you and that is indeed a good thing. Take care.