Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Catching up

I have been knitting. I finished a Pi shawl for my daughter and her new baby girl, Lily. I forgot to get a close up (but it does look lovely on the glider and really pulls Lily's room together) but got one of Lily in a gown I smocked for her. Lily's was kinda like Madeline Tosh(MT meets Lime 'n Violet(LV). The green in the border is is LV and the Coral and Sunset(border) is MT and the black is some Regia I had on hand. The more I worked on this, I thought, "This would be a lovely nursing shawl." Well, duh, no wonder, the color is a perfect camoflage for nursing, if you get my drift and may daughter was appalled when I mentioned to her it was a nice camo titty pink. "Mommmmmmmmmm! don't say stuff like that!!!!!" to quote her! Then, I made another Pi shawl, this time with four skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Farm Supersock merino (three Moody Blues, one black)I call this one, Blue Jean Baby.
Then I crocheted a couple of wash rags, I call them "Shabby Chic" They are mad with Aruanacia (sp) 100% Nature Cotton - one skein.
Also before the rags, I made an Elizabth Zimmerman's Rib Warmer in nice brown of Cascade Ecological just over one skein (I love the fit of this one.) Then I had to make the butterfly version(after the wash rags) out of Colinette Prism color gauguin three to four skeins on this one(I have enough to make a matching Isis(or would this be too much? I love the butterfly but may redo the sizing came out big for me, ugh, really no one to blame, my gauge was right, the yarn just was different with the short rowing, I figure I will have to not make it so long in the front and it will work out dandy! I have been working on some other stuff, another post, another time.

I am still plugging along with the baby's blankie, but it's out of a nice ivory Elsbeth Lavold's Silky Wool. I am doing it in a nice 12 repeat old shale. I get lots of compliments when I go to East West clinic. I have been going through series of acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, this fall, er, yes, this fall of mine. My upper back and left side of the back of my head took it bad, it initially hurt worse than my face, ugh!
But, wait, I am really excited about being gifted some fabulous Tongue River laceweight icelandic yarn from a new and serendipitous friendship. My friend knows and has stayed with my cousin by marriage, Jackie Olsen. Back to the yarn, this woman who raised icelandic sheep, Susan Briggs , who is sorely missed by her friend(s),Susan knew her stuff! The Harlot scored some sockweight at Rhineback in '06. Pretty exciting after a "SOAK" and caked up all pretty, now for a lovely Orenburg pattern!
I made some other stuff too, but this post is so heavy already, huh?


Sam said...

The shawl is a work of art -- just stunning! And congratulations on your new granddaughter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri! Guess what? You've been tagged!