Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Lights and Knitting

The lights of Rhema are beautiful his year, 60,000 all of them are observed by droves of persons coming and going. Last year was a little short after the ice storm destroyed or inhibited 40,000 of them. Hubby and I viewed them over Thanksgiving this year in Tulsa, OK. I taught my niece how to crochet last summer and now how to knit. She immediately got it, she's a "tinker" she says which is a form of her name. I say she highly gifted and so intelligent! Lucinda is a superstar in my book. We flew this time to Tulsa, I am working on Domino Knitting out of the book by Vivian Hoxbro. Great fun here, I am working on the headband using Dalegarn Tiur on 1 dpns, aluminum Boye(I love their pointyness). Is pointyness a word or is it pointiness, how about I love how pointed they are?

Getting back up in Highlands Ranch, CO, things are getting festive with Santa arriving with reindeer and lots of treats around the square. I have my Pi Shawl and a Colinette hat in the store now. If you purchase the yarn for the hat, the pattern is free! Yippee skippee! Quick knit! Wow! My nose and eye brow have healed up amazingly, with some more to go-some days are bad, especially now that cold weather has arrived. Comment and I will send you the pattern, I call it the "Bucket Hat."

My son, Josh, for over a year now, has been awaiting the "Alien Illusion Scarf" from Debbie Stoller's book, "stitch 'n bitch." I am using Lionbrand Cashmere Blend in black and Debbie Bliss cashmerino dk in 18011 I call it a nice granny smith apple green. Josh works security for U.S. Airforce and is in the Nat. Air Guard. I sometimes ask Josh is he has seen any aliens.

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