Saturday, January 10, 2009

Busy New Year

I did get this cute little cotton hat done for new granddaughter, Lily, in time for Christmas! My girlfriend Sally wanted to learn how to crochet baby hats in filet, so I whipped this up in an hour. My daughter and son-in-law loved it!

I received and emergency call from my bil to come up and fix a cut up job. So, New Year's we went up to Indian Hill, yep, thar's Indians up there, one impeticular had cut up his blankie that his grandma had made when he was a newborn. The story goes that he was trying to get something into in, er, out of it? The mind of a child. So I spent the day doing a "good graft" I think that is what sister-in-law called it. Wow, I didn't know I could do this, and being left handed, fixing a right hand job, I gotta say, I wowed myself!

In the meantime I am addicted to producing my untwined hats. I love working with the yarn and the colors being produced and the way it looks fair isled. Each color has it's own ambiance. The wool reminds me of something Elizabeth Zimmerman would adore.

Then there is the Vivian Huxboro mitered headband from her book, Domino Knitting. I kinda wondered about this one. I used Dalegarn Tiur. I thought it would be itchy, but I love it on and it suits me well and I also love the compliments I have received. I will be teaching this in the upcoming near future at Strings.

Now I have to go and teach a paint class at JoAnn Fabrics. Daisies and Grapes.

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Unknown said...

you done good with the blankie :-)