Thursday, February 05, 2009

Knitting hats and other things

Time flies, with going to two doctors twice a week and kicking out some samples for classes, whew! Plus I work weekends at church. I learned not to drink Emergen-C at night(it kept me wide awake, two nights in a row, ugh). I thought it would help me ward off getting my husband's bad cold. I didn't get the cold.
I had the priviledge to learn how to spin. My new friend Jeannie, the one who raised icelandic sheep in Montana, taught me the hard way, learning from one of her fleeces. So now when I learn on the nicely combed types I am sure it will be smooth sailing. My other friend, Julie C. aka Shooby Doula on Rav, started South Metro Spinsters spinning group. We've had two meetings with good spinning, talk, and food. Julie(in middle pic) brought together an icelandic shepardess and and cashmere goat herder(I am so not sure of these terms). Add ImageI love the look on on their faces comparing icelandic to cashmere. I gotta say, the cashmere was a cloud!
I finished five now of the No Twine hat, I did the Three Tams, working on an Entrelac Scarf and also . I have also started the process of selling patterns. I sold my pattern, Bucket Hat on Etsy! My first sale! Etsy is so competitive, whewy, how many are selling now?! I am sure you have heard that rumbling.
I love selling and buying personally. It's nice to know or at least have some conversation with a person you are selling to to let them know what you are getting and why it was done and the mission behind the product. I would like to say in some ways I am alot like Elizabeth Zimmerman. I like a good conversation, not beating it into the ground, but one of substance, good to get emotionally attached to so you can remember a lesson being taught without competition. I love learning why persons do what they do and how they process. I guess that's why I went into marketing research. I always drive people nuts with questions and/or assumptions. I know it gets me into trouble with some, but, gosh, how is one going to find out if they do not ask or make educated/sometimes not so educated remarks?


lupingirl said...

Those tams are beautiful!

Thanks for the compliments on my yarn/knitting queue organization - I worked really hard on it and was pretty proud of the outcome. It feels good to know where everything is!

Unknown said...

aha! I KNOW you (on ravelry:-) now, lol. Wow, there is so much info on your blog. YOU SPIN! When things settle down I'll be back to have a good read, now I'm going to link you.
see you among the cookies