Saturday, January 03, 2009

Grace, let us do good to all people.

I have been reflecting alot about personal, social and world events. The new year apon us and my gradual knowledge and wisdom of how things work in these areas and with much meditation and prayer, I must first say I am so thankful for all things, which I am sure some people, including myself would ask, "If God is such a loving God, why would he allow you and other to be hurt?" I offer you to listen and view Lee Strobel expose on this subject.

Personally, I hope to give and receive better communication to and from others. I realize in my communication with other persons, I in no way am good. I fail sorely and realize this the older I become. I am one who has delayed responses to what people say or how they speak. I usually am caught up in thinking persons live by the golden rule and would not want to do anything out of strife or jealousy. Then I wonder what they meant by the tone of their voice and pysical expressions while communicating. I have lots of hope in people and try to always think the best of them, no matter what, but I wonder if I come off to them the same as I think? I was once amazed at my second son when he was five. In conversing with his older brothers, confused, the older ones came to me and explained, "Matt just said, do you know what you mean when you say it?" They were so confused by their younger, wise beyond years, brother. I had to tell them it is a good thing to think before speaking or acting. The basic way we communicate is so rushed and hurried in today's society. We all fall short of being communicative due to being hurry to take care of own business failing to take the time to qualify what we say to others and what they say to us. I am amazed everyday at just how delicate this procedure is and how delicate we need to treat each other. I realize and am sensitive to the way I hope persons understand me, look at me, and their bodily reactions of how they talk to me, but do I take time to justify what I see and think of their actions, only to assume good or bad, like or dislike, etc.? Most of the time I feel better off not saying or thinking anything to afford comfort and, hey, do I not have to be responsible only for me, well, no? I know as a Christian we are to hold each other accountable. I personally have not found any Christians today who are eager to talk or experience this process, or anyone else. I would also venture to say, by experience, I this is true amongst groups. I read once there is more dissention within group rather then between groups. This reminds me hearing this recently, "God's give us friends to to make up for our families!" I just cannot fall for this, I am committed and pray this year to allow the spirit of Christ to lead me, guiding my speech and my actions. I pray for this be a year of grace, kind intentions and love for us all, which only comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us do good to all people and may we have and show grace to all. I leave you with a proverb:
Proverbs 15
1 A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

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Ma and Pa said...

Amen Terri! May God bless you with His Peace and Grace as you minister to many this year with word and with your knitting. God has given you wonderful gifts!