Sunday, May 09, 2010

Long Sabbatical

Hi all! It's been a long year of knitting, quilting and painting. It's been lots of fun combined with some struggles, but such is life as we all are aware. It's nice to be back writing. I have always been fond of writing, but would rather do the mentioned. I have been painting a series of water colors. Small paintings of lovely things; flowers, trees, animals and landscapes. I need to take some pics of them.
I have had much fun teaching quilting, painting, reupholstery, along with some fimo/sculpey beads, pillows, box cushion, the list is long at my local Joann's. I am excited about teaching this summer's classes. Children's art classes are by far the most fun, their ideas are so simple. Children remind me of freedom and the freshness of life.

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Deneen said...

So glad you finally posted! You've been MIA for a while. Paintings are beautiful.