Monday, February 05, 2007


Decisions, decisions, loving the green crazy quilting, but I think it needs some purple to tone it down and can't decide whether to add the yellow silk velvet. I am rather fond of the cooler grouping.

Then here I am winding and winding away. I got it all done in one evening and the last one early Sunday morning and then worked the two swatches. I love them both. The toastie toes is such a gorgeous mountain pine. The others are very blue and one is missing because I wound it last nite on the way out to eat and I believed I lost it. It totally through me into a searching frenzy. I then made the mistake of telling hubby. He reminded me I only paid $5 dollars for it and I told him I looked it up on the net and it was worth $38. He then accused me of coveting, reminding me I had yarn stashed everywhere and he wasn't going on a 32 mile round trip and I had to face it, it was lost. I greived, moaned, didn't cry (almost did). He went to take me to choir practice at 4:00pm and as soon as I sat down in the car I said, "Oh, I left it in the glove box, so I wouldn't lose it getting out of the car, rather sheepishly...." Hubby was rather happy smiling and all was's the one missing from the photos.

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Anonymous said...

The interlacements skein as so pretty. Well done for winding them up without a swift!