Thursday, February 01, 2007


Handknitted Socks, husband and a new washing machine are a very good mix this week.
Gentlemen's Socks in all their glory are finally done. I started these less than two years ago and like the old story goes, other WsIP just got in the way. Done on size 0 Crystal Palace DPNs. Yarn: Fortissima Socka colors 6610 and 6512. I learned so much about knitting socks from Nancy Bush's great little book Knitting Vintage Socks and the railway pattern was fun to manuever through as well as the book. Nancy writes a very interesting historical section on where she got the patterns and how she had to figure out how to read them.

My hubby was so glad to finally them he took me out shopping for a new washing machine. I love this machine. I can finally get into some decent felting and the most exciting thing will be getting to refresh all my afghans and heirlooms I have had stored away for a long time. Yes, it arrives this afternoon and I will be washing two afghans my grandmother made me to find out just how great this machine is, really. Hubby and I had quite the discussion going for a few months now. After having the old machine fixed twice, it started to just love rinsing to the tune of using over 40 some extra gallons of water. I had warned hubby, (which I only do once). When "he" noticed the machine refilling itself alot, he "then" noticed the difference on the water bill. The hunt was on for a washer. He discussed a good one, and what a deal, only $250.00. I preceded to ask him how many cycles and thank God, that one was out of the picture. He liked this one because it has no parts to break, which kinda makes my head hurt when I think about it and wonder what this is all seems to me that things do break over time from experience to physics...but then, I am no Enstien. I gotta say, I loved it when hubby discussed this with me but when he said I had to go with him to purchase it, was bucking it. I wanted to stay home and knit, and asked him if we couldn't just telephone in our order? Well, that became a stupid Idea for reasons I won't mention, but when making a major purchase and the man is excited about paying in cash, well, you get what I mean?

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