Thursday, March 08, 2007


CRAFT, LOVE, ROCK. TRUTH. Yep, I think Vicki Howell's got it right! At Vicki's book signing, she was asked how she thought of the names for her new line of yarn from SWTC she replied, it had been a long time theme for her life. Then I realized I had seen an electric guitar in some of her books, and we all know the girl just looks like a rocker! So, where is this leading to....?

I get home two days ago to find a Alvarez Guitar in a huge package on my enclosed front porch! What a sweetie pie! My son, my first born, got me the works! I have been yearning to take up guitar for months now. I had called my son, Josh (the rocker-see pic) who is so into guitars and began the process of picking his mind to see what kind of guitar would be appropriate for me. He got so excited, he said he went to his LGS and found a perfect one for me. He told me he could get a really good deal on it and did I want it. "Okay," I told him, "I have to plan this out, I was thinking about buying it for myself" for my birthday. Did I mention my birthday is July 20th! If you can't remember, it is easy to note that men first landed on the moon on this day of history. Anyway, this DVD, electronic tuner, case (in my fav color green-any shade will do) and the fabulous sounding Alvarez are now in my proud possession! I feel so special! I immediately tuned it after I new is was acclimated. It strums so nice and is pleasant sounding to the ears. I am so drooling over the notes and chords I will soon learn and play to much delight.

God is so good to all of us in our times of need. I had a tense seven month ordeal of being wrongfully accused of crime by a very mistaken person, only to be acquitted yesterday! I had asked a few persons to pray for me and I intensely handed my ordeal over to God, because I certainly could not and did not desire to handle it. It was one of the most outrageous things I have ever had to endure. In the court room, the witnesses which came before me were heard as confused and unreliable, I was surprised the district attorney didn't just dismiss the case, because he too, got up and lied and confused all of the testimonies, except mine and my witnesses! It was scary to think that justice may prevail because of what a person thought they saw at night, in their review mirror, and in their written statement said something completely different! It has literally made me quite scared to go out in public and really freaked out over the abuse which policemen believe they can dole out without any conscience. Now I realize why educated, intelligent persons do not go for all these cop/drama/reality or non fiction TVitous stereotyping shows which show cops as being the good guys. I admit, there are good cops out there, but in reality, there are bad ones, too. I was much relived to know my experience with a bad cop was over, for he showed up in plain clothes and testified that he was no longer a police officer, but now employed as a truck driver, WOW! My prayers were answered! I had prayed that this person who called himself a cop would be realized as not a person for the responsibility of protecting the public. The hand of God had moved! The jurors (which are now allowed to ask questions) had a bunch of questions, which the judge did not allow - I overheard her say that he (the ex-cop) wasn't the one on trial here! So, I knew the jury was intelligent and thinking, why is this cop no longer a cop? Anyway, my hubby is calling it the "Age of Mass Hysteria." I just say, people are overly zealous to judge people without qualifying what is going on. Do they realize wasting people's and tax payers monies by assuming things without being taught to intelligently seek out answers before making intelligent judgements? do they realize this money goes into a somewhat corrupt economy and not into an economy which keeps our nation strong and not the rich getting richer? I think of what it says in the Bible, "as you judge, so shall you be judged." This has always put me in a position to desire to take care of my own business, before even thinking much less desiring about getting into others or being critical.

I am praying for the woman that falsely accused me. I know in her mind she thought she was doing right, and I do believe in doing the right thing, but I am also sure that she had a gut feeling and that God was telling her that what she may be doing was wrong. I guess some people just decide somewhere that truth and other people's lives do not really matter and have a warped sense of responsibility.

I love grace, but truth matters also. I really thank God and his fabulous sense of humor which has allowed me to once again be humbled by his mercy and realize how fallible persons are and how they can and need to fill their lives with Him, instead of the things of the world or their own thoughts.

Oh, yeah, that's me at "meet the teacher" day for my local Joann Fabrics. I will be teaching Old English Smocking, Knitted Socks, and Re-Upholstery. Fun, fun and more fun!

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