Monday, May 07, 2007

Clue and Comments

The last of the hyacinths means the first year for my new iris blooms. Here's my first bloomer, "Midsummer's Nights Dream!"

There is a feature I dislike on "comments", but am so new to blogging, and being the cheap (free and still learning) blogger I am, I guess I get what I pay for (more money for yarn, please!). So when someone comments, I do receive ""Commenter's Name" in my email, and a no reply for their address, so I can't email them with answers and replies. I put my email at the bottom of my blog page in hopes that people have a question, or want to know something about what I am doing, they will email directly. I will now also post my email at the top of the page for questions to be answered.
The contest is half over(as of a few days ago). Some of you have given me some great answers, but so far, no one has been close to what I am up to. Yes, there is a clue above. Sorry, I forgot to publish this yesterday, I was side tracked and forgot I was in the process of adding pictures! Mondays can be hectic for me.

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Anonymous said...

The color of that iris is beautiful!!! It has so much depth.