Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ribbon, Beads and Friends

Here's the Louise Harding Kimono Ribbon Tank, I promised.

I made these embroidery scissor cases last year and finally got around to shooting them. They were fun to make.

The dragonfly necklace is my signature piece that I wear all the time, I made it over two years ago.

I have been teaching my girlfriend how to knit a sock. We started with a great pattern, "SOCK IT TO ME" from Vicki Howell's book, Knitty Gritty Knits. The pair of socks can be made in one day, and easy cast on of 40!
The fit is fabulous and cozy. They can be worn with shoes, I did my first pair out of Plymouth's Encore Worsted.


Deneen said...

Those fobs are fantastic!

I love the tank with the ribbon yarn-beautiful.

The sock pattern sounds interesting, but I can't knit socks yet and doubt I will ever do a pair of anything in one day!

Anonymous said...

Your tank looks so pretty. And your other projects are beautiful, too. I love all the colors!