Friday, June 08, 2007

New Camera

Kodak Z740 5.0 MP 10X Zoom Digital Camera is my new camera!!! Just won it on ebay. So the withdrawal from taking photos has been a monkey on my back, maybe I will have to start a pair of those monkey socks everyone seems to have taken to....Harlot said it a flock of birds changing directions! Man, I still have to get that pair of Jaywalkers done. They are exactly like the one's Harlot talks about in her new book, where she starts them over several times, corrects many mistakes and just out and out suffers for these socks! I so relate, I don't know why, but I will get this pair finished! Maybe in time to take a first photograph with the new camera....I just checked my mail and I have black socks to make for Socks for Soldiers! I am just going to get one casted on now! Bye Bye

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