Friday, June 08, 2007

Steal this button or button, button, whose got the button?

I love buttons, but I have hemhawed around about doing one up, mostly out of sheer laziness and putting off getting code.

If you want to copy my code from this photo, please feel free to steal it! I couldn't put it here in the posting because it comes up as a broken photo, so
I had to type this up in my photo program and upload it as a picture! I thought I would add the instructions of how to use the formula if you desire to make your own button!

I typed mine in Word and saved the file as "my buttons" in a file called buttons (where I keep photos of all my buttons to upload into my picasa(googles form of flikr). The codes are all in the same file if I may need them in the future. So just copy or retype the code and paste into where it goes on your blog template! I used to make these up in Netscape years ago which automatically links the picture to the page without having to code, God I loved Netscape and Modzilla still rocks for speed! So if anyone wants a button and can't figure it out from my quick and easy destructions, well, email me and I will help!

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