Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cat/Chicken Duck Lambs and a Birthday for Dad

I got to see my daugher, Sarah for a little while before my dad's family birthday party! We played dress up with the cat! Nice chicken disguise, Sarah! At my sister's we had Mom's spagetti and salad and cake. She had us women each choose a lamb to take home. I chose the white one and then forgot to take it home. Mom and Dad loved the paintings I made them. I got to finally meet my new niece, Chelsea, (she's two, cute and smart - plus she has Angelina Jolie lips to die for!) Chelsea loved the ducky I made her. The ducky got played out and so did I! I crocheted and applied the eyes to the ducky in about two and one-half hours. I think I should write another pattern. Her older sister wants a rabbit. This will be fun!

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Deneen said...

Of course they loved the paintings, your work is beautiful.

Wonderful family pics-